the 10 things you need to know about german

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Welcome to 10 things german. The aim of this site is to offer simple and understandable explanations of German grammar and, as the name suggests, it focuses on the ten key things you really need to know about. Sometimes, in the interests of keeping things simple, the odd grammatical corner has been cut and there is a bit more to the total of German grammar than you will find here. But, if you are a beginner or intermediate learner of the German language, you will find that knowing these ten things will get you by. 10 things german doesn't set out to teach you vocabulary - it's just about grammar. Please note that the site is not quite finished yet, and it is still work in progress. I hope you find these ten things useful: if you do, please let me know (see below for contact). What are the ten things? Just look to the left to find out then click on the links on the top menu to learn more!

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This page will be updated & completed soon. In the meantime, the links in the top menu will take you where you  need to go .....